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Welcome to Gulick Law

Our mission is to provide each of our clients with the highest quality work in a timely manner. We work hard to make sure your attorneys are available to answer your questions as they arise, address your needs and work with you to accomplish your unique goals.

We are sensitive to our clients’ budgets, and for that reason, we use the latest law practice management tools and modern technology to keep our overhead low, passing the cost savings on to you!

We also love to give back to the community through pro-bono work and volunteering. Every year, we strive to give 5% of our profits to entrepreneurs, young innovators and startups in need and help them properly protect their intellectual property from the get go.

Hi, I’m Karima Gulick

I am an intellectual property lawyer and registered patent attorney. I help clients obtain patents and trademarks in diverse industries. I also help businesses build, strengthen, and protect their brands and ideas. Drawing on a decade of engineering and managerial experience, I bring a unique perspective to intellectual property issues .  I have worked in all areas of intellectual property law including trademarks, copyrights, patents, domain name disputes, Amazon and eBay disputes.

I am committed to providing the highest quality services and personalized attention to all my clients.  I know that every client is unique and I am very sensitive to the unique goals and budgets of small and mid-sized businesses, that are growing and investing in their intellectual property portfolios.

Before becoming an intellectual property lawyer, I spent eight years as an engineer dealing with technical designs, software, reliability issues and integration.  Combining my passion for engineering and the law, I dedicated my career to assisting those within the creative communities.  I can help you in multiple languages as well: I am fluent in French, English, Arabic, Spanish and can hold my own in Italian as well!

Meet with Me
Larry Ginsberg – Our of Counsel

With over 30 years of experience in patent law, Larry Ginsberg is an invaluable of counsel to our law firm.  Larry specializes in intellectual property law, including primarily, patent and trademark application filings, prosecution and related client counseling.

Larry has prepared and prosecuted hundreds of U.S. and foreign patent applications.  He has represented a variety of clients including individuals and start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

His experience spans over various industries such as aerospace, medical devices, cryosurgical systems, orthotic systems, exercise systems, agricultural systems, electrostimulation systems, arthroscopic surgical devices and consumer products. Many of the patents have also been filed in foreign countries and throughout the world.

Along with the U.S. and global patent prosecution, Larry has obtained the correlative U.S. and foreign trademarks to complement the business units of his clients.